Al Azhar University Scholarship

How To Get Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022-2023-2024

The Al Azhar University Scholarship is a UK-based Scholarship Program for Scholars. The scholarship is Brace by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and the Archbishop of Canterbury. This Scholarship is open to all Al-Azhar graduates and future leaders who Want to pursue postgraduate Education in theology and related disciplines at world-class British universities.

The Scholarship will provide financial assistance to Students who are willing to pursue a one-year Master’s degree Program at a UK university. The Scholarship covers tuition fees, full accommodation and living costs, and an annual return economy-class flight from Egypt to the UK. The candidates who achieve the Required Score in IELTS and are admitted to a UK University will get this Scholarship.  

Al Azhar University Scholarship
Al Azhar University Scholarship

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About the Al Azhar University Scholarship

Al-Azhar University is Located in Cario, Egypt. It was founded in 1970 or 1972 by the Fatimid caliphate.  it is one of the oldest degree-granting Universities in Egypt. It is the most prestigious University for Islamic Learning in the World. In this University students can study the Qur’an, Islamic law, logic, grammar, rhetoric, and how to calculate the phases of the moon. It covers a wide range of topics, including Arabic, Islamic law, logic, grammar, and astronomy. It also oversees a national network of two million student schools.

Education programs

Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022 offers a So many Educational programs for Islamic studies, humanities, sciences, engineering, and other fields. Some popular courses are as follows:

  • Arabic Language and Literature
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Computer Science
  • International Relations. More listed below

Islamic Jurisprudense

Below is the list of Al Azhar University Scholarship Quran course

  • Basic Quran Reading.           
  • New Muslim Course
  • Advanced Arabic Studies
  • Duaa Course
  • Egyptian Dialect
  • Quranic Arabic Course
  • Classical Arabic Fusha
  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • Learn the Quran for kids 
  • Learn the Quran with Tajweed
  • Islamic studies for kids
  • Online Arabic for Special Needs
  • Online Quran academy
  • Quran memorization course
  • Tafseer Online Classes
  • online Ijazah programe
  • Revert to Islam course

Life sciences

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Sport Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Veterinary Science

Business & Economics

  • Business & Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Economics & Econometrics

Physical sciences

  • Chemistry
  • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Mathematics & Statistics

Clinical, pre-clinical & health

  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Other Health

Arts & Humanities

  • Architecture
  • History, Philosophy & Theology
  • Languages, Literature & Linguistics

Social sciences

  • Geography
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Sociology

Engineering & technology

  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Required documents for admission

Applicants need the following Documents for their Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022 Application.

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Passport or identification documents
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Language proficiency test scores
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume

About Al Azhar University Scholarship Preparatory Program

The Al-Azhar University is a 9-month Program. This Program helps Students to Prepare for admission to Al Azhar University Scholarship. The Program has a total of six levels and all are required for completion of 4 Level Arabic. Students who have completed the Arabic Immersion program or have tested at a very good Arabic fluency level 1 are eligible for this program. The program’s difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced. You Should have completed at least four levels of the intensive Arabic program in order to apply for the program. Students with this level of Arabic proficiency may also test into this program.

FAQ: Al Azhar University Scholarship

Why do people choose this university?

Al-Azhar University is a very Famous and Prestigious University in Egypt. This university has a Specific focus on Islamic and Arabic Education. It is one of Egypt’s top universities. The curriculum is current, and the teachers are well-qualified. The university is close to a popular tourist Place and has a diverse student body. You will undoubtedly receive the best education if you are interested in Islamic Studies.

How to apply for a scholarship at Al-Azhar University?

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for this scholarship, which is detailed below.
Visit the official Al Azhar University website.
Navigate to the scholarship section and select the appropriate program.
Fill out the online application form with accurate information.
Upload the required documents.
Submit your application before the specified deadline.

Does Al-Azhar University teach in English?

Yes, Al-Azhar University in Cairo has an English Teaching Facility and It is called Al-Azhar English Training Center (AAETC).  

How Can I Get Admission to Al Azhar University?

You can apply for the Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022/2023/2024, which provides recipients with comprehensive financial support. It covers the full tuition fees for the chosen degree program, allowing students to concentrate on their studies without having to worry about money. Scholars also receive a generous living stipend to cover their day-to-day expenses. Other benefits, such as housing, health insurance, and academic resources, may be included in the scholarship.

Al Azhar University Online Application?

Candidates who meet the above criteria and wish to begin their studies in late 2023 should send a completed application form to

What is the Al-Azhar University scholarship deadline?

The Deadline for 2023-2024 is not announced yet. Generally, the Application falls in late January.

What is the Al-Azhar University course list?

The List of All the Courses are mentioned below:
Physical sciences: Chemistry, Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences.
Engineering & technology: Electrical & Electronic Engineering, General Engineering.
Psychology: Psychology.
Arts & humanities: Languages, Literature & Linguistics.
Life sciences: Sport Science, Veterinary Science.
Business & economics: Accounting & Finance.
Clinical, pre-clinical & health: Other Health.
Computer science: Computer Science.

Al-Azhar University Islamic courses

Introduction to Islamic thought
Dealing with difference
Ethics and law
The middle path
Ijtihad and maqasid al-Shariah
State and citizenship
Inter-religious relations
Intolerance and takfir
Jihad and its misconceptions

Can Girls Study at Al Azhar University?

Yes, Girls can study at Al Azhar. The University has a program specifically designed for female Applicants.

Who Built Al-Azhar University?

The establishment began as a Mosque. It was founded by Fatimid Commander Jawhar Al-Siqilli. It all started in March or April 970 CE.

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