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How To Get Obama Scholarship Asu (Arizona State Merit Scholarships) 2024

The Obama Scholars Program is a scholarship program for Arizona high school graduates who have been admitted to Arizona State University (ASU) under guaranteed admission, who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by 15th January, and who meet the program criteria. This Program is to Provide Direct funds to those whose family’s Yearly income is less than $60000 and who are Academically qualified as Arizona Freshmen. Obama Scholarship Asu Program Includes Tuition Fees, Books Expenses, and Room and Board. Students who are Obama Scholars are more likely to complete their freshman year and graduate.

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

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Special financial assistance programs for Arizona residents

There are Various Special Financial Programs for Arizona Residents some of which are mentioned below.

  • Cash Assistance: the Cash Assistant Program is for the neediest residents of Arizona. This Program Provides temporary cash benefits and Supportive Service to the Children and their Families for their Basic needs for their well-being and Safety and most importantly this Program makes them feel self-sufficient. Residents of Arizona can Apply for Cash Assistance through the Arizona Department of Economic Security.
  • Down Payment Assistance of Arizona: This program offers homebuyers financial assistance in the form of down payment and closing cost assistance. You can reach them by phone at (602) 429-6789 or by visiting their website.
  • Student Financial Assistance: Arizona State University provides a variety of financial aid programs to assist students in paying for their education.
  • Low-Income Assistance: Money Fit offers a comprehensive list of Arizona low-income assistance programs, including healthcare resources, legal aid, and prescription assistance programs. President Barack Obama Scholars Program

arizona state university presidential scholarship

The arizona state university presidential scholarship is an Initiative by the Obama Foundation. The Aim of this Foundation is to Empower Rising Leaders from the United States and around the World who are Already Doing good for their communities. The program provides an immersive curriculum that combines academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning to help individuals advance their careers.

The Barak Obama Scholarship Asu Program is arranged at Colombia University and the University of Chicago. It equips individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to service with the tools they need to increase the effectiveness of their efforts, identify innovative solutions to complex global problems, and promote change through values-based leadership.

After completing the program, Scholar will also have an opportunity to play a role in the Obama Foundation’s efforts to inspire, empower, and connect rising leaders from around the globe. And then Obama Foundation Scholars will return to work on their global issue of focus and implement their personalized action plan to accelerate positive change within their community.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the President Barack arizona state university presidential scholarship, applicants need to meet all the Following Criteria.

  • Are emerging leaders who have made meaningful contributions to their field and are now at a “breakthrough moment” in their careers
  • Have a proven commitment to service and leadership within a community, region, or country, coupled with a demonstrated commitment to return to these communities following their completion of the program and apply their enhanced training, skills, and connections on a long-term basis for the benefit of these communities
  • Are fluent in English (verbal, written, and spoken)
  • Have the ability and inclination to positively shape the future of their community
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to inclusivity, community-orientation, hope, courage, imagination, strategy, accountability, integrity and resilience

ASU College Attainment Grant Program

The Arizona State University College Attainment Grant Program is a Financial Assistance Program for Low-Income Arizona High School Graduates. This Program will Provide a Tuition and Fee Waiver for up to four years. It may Also Cover other Expenses Such as Housing, Meals, Books, and Supplies for Some Students. Students must submit their FAFSA and Complete the ASU Admissions Application on file by Certain Deadline to be considered for the Program. ASU also provides many Other Financial Assistant Programs Such As Arizona Promise Program and the Obama Scholar Program.

Arizona Promise Program

The Arizona State Merit Scholarships Fund that Provides Financial Aid to cover Tuition Costs at Arizona’s Three Public Universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and The University of Arizona. The program helps students whose federal Pell grants or other financial aid do not cover the cost of college tuition and fees. After other financial aid, the award amount is limited to the actual cost of in-state tuition, mandatory fees, and program fees. Tuition, mandatory fees, and program fees are all guaranteed to qualified students.

The Arizona Board of Regents Approved the Obama Scholarship Asu Fund in 2021. which oversees Arizona’s three public universities. Over $7.5 million in funding has already been allocated for 2022, with even more money expected in 2023. The aim of this Program is to make higher education more accessible for low-income Students. To be eligible for the program, a student must be an Arizona resident, have graduated from an Arizona high school with a minimum 2.5 GPA, and have completed and submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1 of their senior year of high school, be eligible for ANY federal Pell Grant.  

Tony Alviani Memorial Scholarship

The Tony Alviani Memorial Scholarship was established by the Alviani Family in honor of their Late Father, Tony Alviani. The Scholarship is Awarded to those Who are High School Seniors or Current Undergraduate students who want to Pursue a Degree in Business or Computer Science and are Located in the state of Pennsylvania. The Tony Alviani Memorial Scholarship Program Will Provide a scholarship of $500.  

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must be located in the state of Pennsylvania to be eligible for this scholarship.

SmartAsset College SmartStart Personal Finance Scholarship

The SmartStart Personal Finance Scholarship is a Scholarship Program that is offered by the Smart Asset to Support college students who are Interested in Furthering their Financial Education. The scholarship provides financial support to college students with an interest in personal finance. This Scholarship Will Provide $5000 to the Winner of the Essay Contest, which necessitates a 700-1,000-word essay on the best piece of financial advice you have received and how you intend to apply it throughout your college career and beyond.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Graduate who earned a 3.0 GPA or Higher and is Interested in Continuing their Financial Education is eligible For the Scholarship Program.

Wellness Warriors Scholarship

The Wellness Warriors Scholarship is for those who Strive to be Physically and mentally well despite Problems in their Life. This Arizona State Merit Scholarships is Funded by Live it Up and it is Available to High School Seniors, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students who Work to stay Mindful of their physical and Mental Well-being. The scholarship amount is $500 and the deadline to apply is July 1, 2023. The Scholar will be announced on August 1, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

High school seniors and undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for Wellness Warriors Scholarships.

Alkenyatta Al Wilson Scholarship

The Alkenyatta AI Wilson Scholarship Fund Recognizes a Hardworking and Honest Student. This Scholarship is for those Who want to make a Difference in their Community. The Scholarship is Funded by JACOPRI INC. This scholarship is Open to Any Graduate student who wants to Apply for it. The Deadline for this Scholarship is 23rd July 2023. The Scholar will receive $1000 as an Award.  

Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility of applicants will be evaluated by the scholarship committee based on their ambition, need, and boldest Bold.org profile.

Jean Antoine Joas Scholarship

The Jean Antoine Joas Scholarship is Created in memory of Jean Antoine Joas by his daughter. The Aim of the Scholarship is to support students who have Experienced the Loss of a Loved one and are Currently Enrolled in High School, Trade School, Undergraduate, or Graduate Programs. The Scholarship Amount is $1150. The selection criteria for the scholarship include the essay, perseverance, and dedication.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To apply for the scholarship, students are required to write an essay about themselves and how they plan to use their career to make a positive impact on the world
  • High school seniors, trade school, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply if they have lost a loved one.

Scorenavigator Financial Literacy Scholarship

ScoreNavigator Inc. funds the Scorenavigator Financial Literacy Scholarship. It is intended for high school juniors and seniors from low-income families with a 3.0 GPA or higher. The scholarship program is intended to encourage future generations of young people to make wise financial decisions by providing them with the necessary information and tools.

Eligibility Criteria

This Scholarship is provided to high school juniors and seniors who come from a low-income background and have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Ruebenna Greenfield Flack Scholarship

The Ruebenna Greenfield Flack Scholarship is a scholarship fund named after Ruebenna Greenfield Flack, a long-serving primary and secondary school teacher in North Carolina. Enya Flack funds the scholarship, which supports one student each year who is following in the footsteps of Ruebenna Greenfield Flack. The scholarship is open to underrepresented female minorities pursuing undergraduate education studies. Preference will be given to education students. Students must describe how they intend to positively impact the world through their careers in order to apply. The scholarship is valued at $2,300.

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to apply.

Donald A. Baker Foundation Scholarship

The Donald A. Baker Foundation has a scholarship program for high school seniors interested in furthering their education. Every year, the scholarship seeks to assist rising stars in their pursuit of their college dreams. The scholarship is available to high school seniors who plan to attend college after finishing high school. To apply, the applicant must write about their greatest role model and why they have had such a profound influence on their life. The scholarship deadline is May 15, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be a high school senior planning to attend college after graduating from high school to be eligible for this Obama Scholarship Asu.

Evan T. Wissing “Choose a Better Life” Obama Scholarship Asu

The Evan T. Wissing “Choose a Better Life” Scholarship is a scholarship fund established to honor Evan Wissing’s memory by assisting students who want to better their lives through education. Katy Uhl’s scholarship is open to any Colorado high school senior, undergraduate student, or trade school student. The scholarship is intended to help students who have made poor decisions in their lives but are looking for a new beginning. Ambition and boldness are two of the scholarship selection criteria. The amount of the scholarship and the number of awards is not specified on the scholarship website.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is open to any Colorado high school senior, undergraduate student, or trade school student.

Phoenix Opportunity Award

The Phoenix Opportunity Award is a scholarship program that assists first-generation college students from low-income families. Long John Nguyen funds the scholarship, which is administered by Bold.org. Applicants must be high school seniors or undergraduate students who are first-generation college students from low-income families. The scholarship seeks to ease the transition of first-generation college students into higher education by providing financial assistance. Students must write an essay about how being a first-generation college student influences their career choices in order to apply. The scholarship is worth $500.

Eligibility Criteria

High school seniors and undergraduate students are eligible to apply if they are first-generation college students who come from low-income backgrounds.

Jennifer Webb-Cook Gameplan Scholarship

The Jennifer Webb-Cook Gameplan Scholarship is a scholarship fund that assists student-athletes from single-parent households who are pursuing college athletic careers. The Webb family established the scholarship in memory of Jennifer Webb-Cook, a 30-year Clark County School District teacher and single mother who raised her son, Jami, on her own. The scholarship is worth $3,735 and will be given to one student-athlete. The scholarship deadline is April 1, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is open to high school seniors who are student-athletes from single-parent households.

James A Cook Memorial Scholarship

The James A Cook Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship fund that assists Michigan high school seniors who demonstrate servant leadership in their academic and extracurricular pursuits (athletics, music, community service, and so on). The Cook family is funding the scholarship, which is open to any Michigan high school senior. The arizona state university presidential scholarship is worth $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the scholarship, Michigan high school seniors must describe how they practice servant leadership in their daily interactions with family, school, and/or extracurricular activities, and how they believe these actions benefit those around them.

TBC Academic Scholarship

The TBC Academic Obama Scholarship Asu is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to first-generation BIPOC college students pursuing higher education in the arts. Tiara Cosby has funded the scholarship, which is administered by Bold.org. The scholarship is open to high school seniors who are underrepresented first-generation college students interested in the arts and are underrepresented first-generation college students. The scholarship is worth $500. To apply, students must write a 400–600-word essay on the topic “What does the phrase ‘pay it forward’ mean to you, and how do you apply it in your daily life?” The scholarship selection criteria are ambition, need, and boldness. The Obama Scholarship Asu application deadline is June 1, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Any high school senior who is an underrepresented first-generation college student with an interest in the arts is eligible to apply.


How do you get the Obama Scholarship Asu?

To get the Arizona State Merit Scholarships Asu Program You must be an Arizona high school graduate who has been admitted to ASU under guaranteed admission, have a completed FAFSA (completed all financial aid items on their My ASU task list) by January 15, and meet the program criteria.

What does the Obama scholarship cover?

The arizona state university presidential scholarship pays for tuition and living expenses, as well as funding for books and course materials and opportunities to participate in unique out-of-classroom programming.

Does ASU give full tuition scholarships?

Yes, ASU Provides a Full tuition Cost Arizona State Merit Scholarships.

How do you qualify for the arizona state university presidential scholarship?

You Should be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident. – Be enrolled at ASU for Fall 2023. -Have a demonstrated financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must submit the FAFSA by the scholarship deadline by visiting the following link: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

How much does it cost to go to ASU for 4 years?

According to the CollegeSimply website, the total tuition, fees, and living expenses price for a four-year bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University is $119,096 for students who graduate on time.

How can I go to ASU for free?

To get ASU for Free you need to Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to the U.S. Department of Education and submit a FAFSA to the university no later than April 1 of the year before they will enroll. Qualify for the maximum federal Pell Grant award with zero expected family contribution.

How do I get a full ride at ASU?

ASU does not provide full-ride scholarships that cover tuition, fees, room and board, and other costs. However, there are numerous Arizona State Merit Scholarships available for students with exceptional academic ability, talent, personal stories, creativity, and other characteristics.

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