Fellowship Vs Scholarship

Fellowship Vs Scholarship: What’s the Difference?

In today’s time, education has become very expensive, and the dreams of the students are big. They need a good education to make those dreams come true. That’s why they are drawn from wherever they get financial assistance for studies, such as grants, scholarships, loans, and fellowships. Scholarship Vs Fellowship make it easier for students to get into college. These two forms of financial aid differ in fundamental ways. But before applying for any financial aid, they need to understand what a Fellowship Vs Scholarship are. Many of you don’t know the Difference Between Fellowship And Scholarship. This article will explain the Difference Between Scholarship And Fellowship.

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What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a type of financial aid that can be applied to educational costs such as tuition fees, books, college fees, etc. The Fellowship Vs Scholarship is also known as a grant. There are different types of scholarships available for students; some of them are awarded on the basis of financial need, and some of them are based on merit.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship are a desirable form of financial aid because they do not have to be repaid like student loans. Every year, college students compete for 5 million scholarships totaling $24 billion, and some of them who are eligible for the Fellowship Vs Scholarship will be awarded them.

Generally, Scholarship Vs Fellowship are Provided by State and Federal Governments, various Organizations, and colleges and Universities. Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate-level study, but undergraduate students typically have a greater number of options.

What is a Fellowship?

Just Like the Fellowship Vs Scholarship , the fellowship also provides financial assistance to the students for their studies. Fellowships also do not require repayment same as Fellowship Vs Scholarship. The National Merit Scholarship is an example of a well-known, long-standing scholarship for undergraduate students.

One of the Difference Between Fellowship And Scholarship is that Scholarship most fellowships support graduate students. Another big Difference Between Scholarship And Fellowship offers a Set of Amount aid for a single year but in Fellowship, they will get Monthly Tuition Fees and a stipend. These awards are usually given to students pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree. Fellowship is available for Pre-baccalaureate Projects but is mostly available for graduate-level students.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship are typically merit-based, which means you must have demonstrated some level of achievement in your chosen field, or at the very least the potential to achieve or do something impressive in your field.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship: 5 Key Differences

Fellowship Vs Scholarship have Some Similarities such as they both Provide Free money to the students who are seeking a degree. They also differ in several key ways; we have mentioned 5 key Difference Between Scholarship And Fellowship in the below table.

Need- BasedStrictly Merit Based
Offered by institutions, private businesses, professional organizations, and foundationsGenerally offered by institutions, government agencies, and foundations
Most provide one year of funding             Often provides multiple years of funding
Recipients receive a set monetary award to cover educational expensesRecipients often receive a monthly stipend and a tuition waiver
Available to both undergraduate and graduate studentsMore common for graduate students

Scholarship Vs Fellowship Most of the time Provided by Universities, Colleges, private funding agencies, and government ministries. And the Other side Fellowship is mainly Awarded by the research wing of the specific Department of the educational institution. In the Below, we have mentioned some Examples of Scholarship Vs Fellowship.

Example For Scholarship

  • British Council GREAT Scholarships (UK)
  • Fulbright Nehru Master’s Scholarships (USA)
  • British Chevening Scholarships (UK)
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program (Canada)
  • Australia Awards Scholarships (Australia)
  • DAAD Scholarship (Germany)

Example for Fellowships

  • Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship
  • AAUW International Fellowships
  • Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  • Chevening Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships
  • Forte Fellowship

Students Who want higher education, are seeking Financial Assistant in any form, whether it is Scholarship Vs Fellowship. Financial aid in which way is a boon for students. Scholarship applications from Indian candidates residing abroad or from those who have previously studied abroad (funded by themselves or by any financial assistance) and have not stayed in India for a minimum of two years following the completion of that course will not be considered, according to the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.

How Do Fellowship Vs Scholarship Applications Differ?

With so many Key Difference Between Fellowship And Scholarship, The Application Process of Both is Also Differs from Each Other. For Scholarship Vs Fellowship offered by their institution, students may only need to submit one application. Students must complete a sometimes lengthy application process for other Fellowship Vs Scholarship applications.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship are awarded by professional associations, businesses, and foundations that establish their own eligibility criteria and application requirements. Applicants may need to fulfill all the Eligibility Criteria which are set by the particular organization. Many scholarships take into account factors such as community service, leadership, and financial need.

The Scholarship Vs Fellowship funding offered by the Government foundation may Require a long process and More Documentation. Applicants are frequently required to submit materials such as a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a research statement. To award funding, the fellowship committee may even conduct interviews.

The Process can take Months. Students are advised to start Proceeding early for the Scholarship or Fellowship as they are Announced. Make time to review eligibility guidelines and submit all required application materials.

What Is the Point of a Fellowship?

A Fellowship is a Monetary award given to the students to pay the fees of academic institutions. It is purely a Merit-Based Scholarship for advanced studies of Academic Subjects. Fellows are chosen for their ability to make a positive, long-term contribution to their academic discipline.

The Fellowship helps Students Complete their Graduate and Postgraduate Education. Which is Cost into six Figures. They can also help students build a network of contacts and mentors in their field.

If you are considering applying for a fellowship, it is Very Important to research the fellowship’s conditions and benefits, as they can vary greatly depending on the discipline.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship, students need to understand the eligibility criteria set by the scholarship provider. The eligibility criteria may change depending on the scholarship and the scholarship provider. If we try to explain by example, then, for example, the National Scholarship Portal in India is now accepting applications for the academic year 2023–24. Scholarship eligibility criteria may include nationality, academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and community contributions.

It is crucial to research and apply for scholarships early. You can take the advice of your high school counselor. You need to make sure to only apply for Fellowship Vs Scholarship for which you qualify and gather all the required documents early before the application process starts.

Where can I find information about scholarship opportunities?

You can Find Information about Scholarship Opportunities from Various Sources. Most of you Must know How to Find it but Dome of you do Know how they will find Information about scholarships, we have mentioned all the Necessary Information. Read the Below Section Carefully.

  • The most convenient way to find scholarship information is to conduct an online search on Google. You can use Online Search engines and Find Fellowship Vs Scholarship which Includes your desired courses.
  • You can visit your college’s Financial Aid office or High school guidance Counselor for advice.
  • You can search for the scholarship on the Official Website of the chosen University.
  • Many websites offer funding opportunities for specific study destinations, subjects, or student groups. Opportunities Corners, for example, is a website that provides information on fully-funded scholarships, fellowships, internships, and other opportunities for students worldwide.

Types of scholarships to study abroad

There are various types of scholarships available for students to study abroad. The Most Common Type of Scholarship is as mentioned below:

  • Merit-Based Scholarship

A merit-based Scholarship does not require repayment and it is garnered to the students who Performed well in Academics, Athletics, arts, or other Areas. The merit-based scholarship does not Depend on financial needs. Some merit-based scholarships are awarded based on standardized test results, such as the PSAT and SAT. Merit-based scholarships are not available at all colleges and universities.

  • Need-Based Scholarship

The Need-Based Scholarship is Provided to Students Who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. and the student was not Required to Repay it.

  • Athletic-based

Athletic scholarships are given to student-athletes based on their athletic performance in a specific sport. Universities and colleges in the United States offer these scholarships to recruit high-performing athletes for their athletic teams.

  • Region or minority-based

Region or minority-based scholarships are given to students who are from a specific region or minority community. These scholarships are intended to assist students who are experiencing financial difficulties while pursuing their education.

  • Student specific Scholarships

Student-specific scholarships are grants awarded to students who meet specific criteria such as gender, race, religion, family, medical history, or other student-specific factors.

Types of fellowships to study abroad

There are a total of three types of Fellowship Vs Scholarship to Study Abroad.

  • Graduate fellowships

These fellowships provide financial assistance to graduate students. They can take the form of living stipends, health insurance, or tuition reimbursement.

  • Medical fellowships

After completing medical school and residency, doctors can apply for fellowships to further specialize.

  • Postdoctoral fellowships

These fellowships are intended for individuals who have completed their doctorate and want to gain additional research experience in their field.

Does fellowship give you money?

Yes. Fellowship Vs Scholarship are a Form of Financial Aid to the Student that Provides monetary support to students and scholars to pursue their academic or research interests.

Can I apply for more than one fellowship?

Yes, you can Apply for Fellowship Vs Scholarship as many as you want. Applying the Multiple times will not affect your chance of winning. Only Some Schools may Allow You to have Multiple Applications.

How Long Is a Fellowship?

The Fellowship Vs Scholarship Duration varies Depending on the type of fellowship and the Institution. But usually, it lasts At least for One Year. The duration of medical fellowships is typically one to three years. It is important to realize that the duration of a fellowship program is frequently determined by program requirements, such as maintaining a high GPA.

Is a Fellowship Considered Financial Aid?

Yes. A Fellowship Vs Scholarship is a form of Financial Aid.  It is a monetary award given to a student in the form of a stipend and/or tuition assistance. No service is required in exchange for a fellowship.

What Are the Benefits of a Fellowship?

Students will get Various Benefits from the Fellowship Vs Scholarship. It is a great way to gain new Skills, Knowledge, and Experience in a particular field. Some of the Benefits are mentioned below.

  • Stipends to cover travel or living expenses
  • Loan forgiveness for students
  • Health coverage
  • Professional development, guidance, and institutional support
  • Receiving new concepts, strategies, and perspectives
  • monetary assistance in the form of a stipend, salary, or grant
  • Other benefits include grants for travel or relocation, funding for dependents, and discretionary funding for language classes or housing.

How to apply for Scholarships

  • Students need to Prepare to start Early for the Scholarship.
  • Look Inside your Country for the Best Scholarship Program.
  • Ask if am I Eligible for a Scholarship.
  • Get your exam scores and required documents ready with you.
  • Be in the process of admission.
  • Know what scholarship sponsors want and give it to them.
  • Apply to all eligible scholarship programs.
  • Write a winning essay if necessary.
  • Follow the guidelines and attend to the details
  • Search and contact winners of previous scholarships.
  • Submit your request early.

How to apply for a Fellowship

  • Identify your goals
  • Understand your eligibility
  • Plan an amazing project and launch
  • Get excellent recommendations (honest)
  • Be real in your interview.


The Conclusion of the article is that there are So many Facilities Provided to Graduate and Undergraduate Students as Fellowship Vs Scholarship and you don’t need to repay them. You all need to use this facility to make your Future Bright.


Q. Is a fellowship the same as a scholarship?

A. No, Fellowship Vs Scholarship both Providing Financial Aid to the Students, but they have some Different Key points as well.

Q. What does it mean to go on a fellowship?

A. A fellowship is a monetary award given to academics to help pay for their studies. It is typically a merit-based scholarship for advanced academic study of a subject. Depending on the type of fellowship, it can be used to subsidies education costs, gain research experience, or cover the cost of training so that doctors can become experts in their field of medicine. The duration of a fellowship varies according to the granting institution, but most Fellowship Vs Scholarship last at least a year.

Q. What is the difference between a scholarship and an award?

A. Their criteria and purposes differ. Scholarship Vs Fellowship are grants-in-aid given to students based on a variety of criteria such as academic merit, diversity and inclusion, athletic ability, and financial need, among others. Awards, on the other hand, are given to recipients as a token of recognition for their achievements in a specific field.

Q. What is the difference between a fellow and a fellowship?

A. A fellow is a board-certified physician who has completed residency and is pursuing additional specialized training in their field of interest. A Fellowship Vs Scholarship is a training program in which a fellow gains expertise in a subspecialty.

Q. How do you win a fellowship?

A. Identify your goals and understand your eligibility. Put yourself out there and plan an amazing project and pitch. Get great (honest) recommendations and be real in your interview. Know the eligibility requirements and follow them to the letter. Know the organization’s goals and how you fit. Get recommendations from the right people and get feedback from multiple qualified people. Find the right fellowships and gather information. Plan your proposal.

Q. What is the main purpose of fellowship?

A. The Main purpose of the Fellowship is to Provide Financial aid to the students.

Q. What are the advantages of being a fellowship?

A.  Fellowship Provides Financial Support, Networking Opportunities, Professional Development, Recognition, and Flexibility are Advantages of being a Fellowship.

Q. How many years is a fellowship?

A. The Fellowship Vs Scholarship Duration varies Depending on the type of fellowship and the Institution. But usually, it lasts At least for One Year. The duration of medical fellowships is typically one to three years.

Q. What are the types of fellowship?

A. There are a total of 3 types of fellowships.

  • Graduate fellowships
  • Medical fellowships
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship

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