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How To Apply For The Cameron Impact Scholarship?-Full Guide

The Cameron Impact Scholarship Foundation is a merit-based program. This scholarship is a four-year, full-time, tuition-driven undergraduate scholarship that is presented annually to 10 to 15 exceptional high school students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, community service, extracurricular activities, and academics.

The Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship is available to all students who satisfy the GPA and citizenship requirements, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other background characteristics. Also, they are searching for young leaders who have shown a strong dedication to making a good difference in their communities.

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Who is eligible to apply to the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship?

Applicants with US citizenship are eligible to apply for Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship. Students must be in their senior year of high school or expect to graduate in the spring of the application year. Candidates must have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.7 on a scale of 4.0. Applicants must demonstrate active participation in extracurricular activities, community service, or civic organisations, as well as leadership roles.

While the Cameron Impact Scholarship does not specify an income requirement, it is intended to help students who would be unable to attend college without financial assistance. Scholarship recipients must attend a four-year accredited, non-profit college or university in the United States.

What is the application deadline?

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation Scholarship application deadline for the class of 2024 has already passed. The early application deadline was 19th May 2023, at 12:00 p.m. PT (NOON), and the regular application deadline was 6th September 2023, at 12:00 p.m. PT (NOON). The application process for the class of 2025 will begin on February 1st February 2024. The early and regular application deadlines for the class of 2025 have yet to be announced.

What is the difference between the Early and Regular Application deadlines?

Submitting the application within the deadline is the most important part of the admissions process. If students do not send their applications on time, it is futile to take the time to complete them with an excellent personal essay and impressive recommendation letters. Many colleges will not consider the application after the deadline. types of college application deadlines, and it is important to understand. In the below section, we will explain all the types of application deadlines.

Regular Application Deadlines

Regular decision deadlines are typically in early January. Colleges send out acceptance letters in March. You have until the end of April to accept College Decision Day, which is 1st May. This is the most common type of deadline that most applications have. It has some pros and cons, such as the fact that you have so much time to complete your application. Students may apply to as many schools as they wish. And the cons are that, with scholarships, finals, and other responsibilities, the final months of your senior year may seem overwhelming.

Early Application Deadline

Early decision deadlines Allow students to apply early for the Programme. The school reviews these applications quickly, and students receive a prompt response from the college. This is an excellent option for students who want to get into a specific college. This Deadline is the Most Convenient Application Deadline. It has also had some Pros and Cons. Pros Such as It indicates that you are committed to attending that school and that it is your first choice. This demonstrates dedication. Students receive a quicker response. If you are rejected, Students still have time to apply to other colleges. And Cons as It’s a legally binding contract with a steep penalty for cancelling.

What does the Cameron Impact Scholarship cover?

The Cameron Impact Scholarship covers full tuition fees and books for any program students choose to attend for Four Years. The scholarship is worth up to $50,000 per year and is distributed around 25% of the time to individuals who are pursuing careers in education, nonprofits, government, and/or the military with a stated professional goal of public service.

How many Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship are awarded each year?

A total of 10 to 15 Cameron Impact Scholarships are awarded Each Year.

Will I be notified of my status even if I am not selected for an interview?

The college, University, or Foundation Will notify the Students, regardless they are Selected for the Interview or not. For Early Applications they will Notify by 30th June and for Regular Applications they will Notify by 31st October. For More Inquiries about the Status, you can Visit

What if I am planning to do a gap year between high school and college?

Applicants interested in taking a gap year are allowed to apply for the Cameron Impact Scholarship. We do, however, ask that you apply with the graduating high school class from which Students will be starting Their first year of college. So, if Students going on a gap year, they should apply by May or September of their gap year. The foundation also believes that describing what Students did during your gap year adds value to your application.

May I submit my transcript or recommendations after the deadline?

The Deadline of the Foundation is Strict so they will now Accept any Incomplete Applications. They will not allow any Recommendations or Late Transcripts. If Students miss Any information for the Early Application Deadline, their Submission Will be Automatically Rolled to the Regular application.

Is the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship need-based?

As We All Know, The Cameron Impact Scholarship is a based Scholarship. Applicants Who Passed Out All the Eligibility Criteria and Citizenship Requirements, Regardless of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or any Other Background Factors. The strongest indicators of a worthwhile educational investment are integrity, intelligence, motivation, work ethic, and willingness to serve others.  Foundation will never request personal or family financial information from Applicants. The foundation’s evaluation process does not take financial needs into account.

If I am not awarded the Cameron Impact Scholarship, are there other merit-based programs that I should explore?

Yes, if you are not awarded the Cameron Impact Scholarship, there are many other merit-based programs you can apply for.

Can I save my application and come back to edit it later?

No, the System Does Not Allow You to Save an application and back to Edit it at a later time. always recommend that you save responses in Word or a similar program until you are ready to submit your application.

My school does not use a 4.0 scale – how do I calculate my GPA?

The Cameron Impact Scholarship needs a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.7 or higher. If your school does not calculate on a 4.0 scale you may convert your GPA according to the following table.


Are there word limits to the essay prompts?

Yes, there are word limits to the Essay Prompts. The Foundation Committee will not allow word beyond the Limit.

Do I need an official copy of my Transcript? What if I have more than one?

No, if you have multiple transcripts from different schools, please e-mail them to admin  as our system will only allow you to upload one.

Who should I ask to write my Recommendations?

You need two recommendations mentioned Below.

  1. School affiliated personnel
  2. One must come from someone who has had a significant influence on your life. (This may be school-affiliated personnel if they fit under the ‘impactful’ umbrella for you. Please do not include a parent or legal guardian recommendation).

No, if you Submit More than two Recommendations, the Foundation Will consider the First Two Recommendations.

May I submit more than two Recommendations?

No, if you Submit More than two Recommendations, the Foundation Will consider the First Two Recommendations.

Can my Recommendation writers submit the Recommendations directly to the Foundation?

Yes, you can Directly Email at and it needs to be received Before the Deadline of the Application.  

I forgot to submit my Transcript and/or Recommendations with my Application. What should I do now?

If you forget to submit the Transcript and Recommendations with your Application. You can send it via email at before the Deadline for application.

I am receiving an error message when I try to submit my application. What do I do?

If you receive an Error Massage While Submitting the Application, make sure you save All the Information Saved in Word or any Similar Program. This Problem is Very Common due to an embedded cookies issue in your web browser. If you continue to experience issues, please notify us at so we may better assist you.

I have an update I would like to share with the Foundation – may I update my application?

The System of Foundation Will Not Allow You to Edit or Update Your Application once it has been submitted.

My reference was unable to provide a Recommendation by the Deadline- what should I do?

You are not allowed to see the Application once you Submitted it. If you have any updates or information that you believe will be beneficial to your submission, please Email us at We will make a note in your file if your submission is still being reviewed.

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation Scholarship 2024 | USA

The Cameron Impact Scholarship 2024 is for Undergraduates. It is a fully funded Scholarship for US Students. This Scholarship covers Full tuition Fees, and Book costs at any Accredited US-based College or University that the Recipient Chooses to Attend.  

How the Cameron Impact Scholarship is Judged

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is judged on the Basis of a Variety of Criteria, Applicant Must Maintain a Minimum, Cumulative, Unweighted GPA of 3.7/4.0 Scale or Equivalent in their high school studies.

5 Facts About the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation Scholarship

  • it is a Non-Profitable Foundation.
  • It includes 10-15 scholarship programs.
  • The Bryan Cameron Foundation is a fully funded Bryan Cameron Education Foundation Scholarship.
  • It Creates merit-based opportunities
  • It will provide full Tuition Fees to the Students.

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